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TimeOFF Pro

TimeOFF Enterprise


Calendar of my absences/holidays on main site

My leave requests list summary on main site

Available leave days summary on main site

Holiday list on main site

e-mail notification (with option to enable/disable)

Backup and restore

Full calendar view

Generating reports

Exporting reports to excel files

Requesting leaves

Planning leaves

Interactive calendar for choosing dates

Ability to submit request on behalf someone

Possibility to exceptionally request days/hours off with no hours left on leave balance

Request leaves for a specific number of hours

Specifying start time when requesting partial leave of absence (AM or PM)

Leave balance

Counted in days i.e. an employee has an n numbers of days, can take full, ½ or ¼ of a day off

Counted in days / hours i.e. an employee can either request a full day off or specify the exact number of hours

Possibility to attach files to requests

Possibility to add comments to requests


Specifying an employee’s manager

Specifying an employee’s assistant

Dividing employees by region

Dividing employees by location

Diving employees by department

Advanced employee search options

Attributing function-specific roles (i.e. Admin, HR member, Manager etc.)

Setting custom work hours

Adding public holidays

Each holiday is added as one day

Possibility to add holidays which span through multiple days

Choosing acceptance paths when adding leave types

Auto generating leave balance

Generates for all employees

Possibility to specify employees by region/location

Editing e-email templates

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