Plan, submit & approve leave requests with ease.

TimeOff for SharePoint Server 2013 is an application designed for Human Resources departments, streamlining the process of submitting and processing employees' leave requests.

Get rid of paper work

Allow your Employees to submit leave requests using a simple and easy-to-fill form.

An Empoyee can specify dates range, the type of leave which will be assigned to his leave (like Vacation) and optionally an representative person for the time of users’ absence.

Employee can even plan a leave before submitting it for review. All those data will be shown at Employer's dashboard to let him be allways up to date.

Have a control of all your Employees' Leaves

As a CEO or HR Demartment member you could feel a bit confused using an old-style Excel sheets to track other employees leaves.

We have a solution for that! With TimeOFF you will see all leaves in a simple and easy-to-compare calendar view.

Manage your Employees

Control their amounts of available days off and assign new types of leave with days count (new, used and spent last year).

A simple Employee Card view allows you to set Employees' manager and assistant, add/delete or edit available numbers of days off.

Here you can also check how much days of each assigned type of leave is used by an Employee

Enterprise version development in progress

Currently we are building a new version of TimeOFF app that will have much more functionalities..

It is being made in MVC technology and on Azure platform. Initially it will be available on Office365 then we plan to release it to be available on Azure.

See how TimeOFF can help you managing employees leaves:

Get the 30-day free trial and start to manage leave requests with ease!

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Check the features that are in the pipeline:

We are working hard to improve our solutions and always listen to your feedback

Displays leave assigned to an employee (Planned in November)
Manager sees only his subordinates (Planned in January)
Calendar view for employee allows to see everyone in calendar view
Exporting data from calendar view to Excel file
Ability to use hours system instead of days
Ability to use filtering by departments on calendar view
Mail notifications with calendar entries (Outlook integration)

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Due to malfunction in Microsoft SharePoint license recovery service some of our clients can experience trouble with fixing “blank screen” issue which was caused by previous malfunction in Microsoft license service. We’re currently working with Microsoft to resolve this problem and will notify you as soon as we will have any new information. 

In the meantime you can check our enterprise version of TimeOff which is installed individually and is free from issues regarding Microsoft  licensing services. For more information please contact .